Aurora's Adoption Application

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Adoption Questionnaire

How long have you been looking to adopt a dog?
Have you applied for another dog at any other rescue organization in the past month?
Do you and/or people in your home have previous experience with dogs?select one
Does everyone in your home agree to adopting?select one
Do you have a valid drivers licence to drive a car?select one
Do you own or have access to a car?select one
Where do you live?select one
If you rent, does your lease allow dogs to be kept inside as companion animals?select one
If you live in a house, do you have access to a backyard?select one
If yes, is it fully fenced?select one
Does your home have stairs?select one
Are there any children under 8 in your home?select one
Are you comfortable with home visits to ensure safety of pet?select one
Would you consider your home environment to be safe for the animal?select one
Do you or any members of your household have allergies to animals?select one
Have you or members of your home been convicted of a felony or for animal crueltyselect one
Do you plan on crating the dog while you are away for the day? How many hours will you crate the dog?select one
Who from the family will be responsible for primarily feeding the dog?
Who from the family will be responsible for primarily exercising the dog?
Who from the family will be responsible for primarily training the dog?
If you move, will you take your dog with you?
Your new dog may need time to decompress after their arrival. Decompression period may involve challenges like low confidence levels, chewing, barking, leash reactivity, etc. Do you agree to helping your new dog through one
Would you be willing to work on any behavioural challenge that may show up at a later point?select one
How much daily exercise can you provide?
Do you currently have pets in your home?select one
Have you ever adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue before?
If you have a dog/cat, are they spayed/neutered?select one
Are the vaccinations for your pets up-to-date?select one
Past pets, if any?select one


How often do you plan on taking the dog to the vet?
If putting the dog to sleep has to be considered at a young age, you agree to notify Animal Care Zone and you are willing to see if ACZ has any other recommendations/suggestions
If your dog becomes sick or injured will you be willing to take care of all the expenses that arise from this?
Dental care in dogs is sometimes neglected. However, it is very important and if not taken care of can cause serious diseases. Do you agree to provide your dog with dental care, if recommended by a vet?
How much do you expect to spend a year to feed, train, vaccinate, dog-sit, licence and provide medical care for the dog?
Do you have any physical or psychological ailments that might prevent you from performing your duties as a responsible pawrent, to the best of your ability?select one
Please provide 3 references below who we can contact. An immediate family member, a significant other or a live-in partner cannot be one of your reference.


Adoption Requirement

Please read the below. By clicking "agree", you understand and agree with the following:

• All members of the household are in agreement about adopting a dog - all adults will be present for the interview and meet and greet process.

• You have budgeted for good quality pet food and supplies, emergency medical issues, training, boarding costs, and adoption fees.

• You have set aside time during the transition period to bond with your new dog (long walks, various activities to build trust, a flexible schedule if required).

• You have the appropriate amount of time to spend with the dog (minimum 2 structured walks per day, regular training time, etc).

• Alternate homes/pet sitters/dog walkers should the dog require or if you are away on vacation.

• Relevant preparation for dogs with special needs.

• Basic knowledge of dog training and care (research put into the time required to bring a new dog into the home and prepared for adjustment period including but not limited to separation anxiety, accidents in the home, proper introductions to pets and people living in the home, nervousness in a new environment, crate training, etc). Finances for a professional dog trainer is needed.

• Willing and open to training ideas from ACZ

• If adopting a puppy - flexible schedule to ensure frequent potty breaks and all required puppy training.

• Willingness to reach out for help/advice for any concerns that may arise with your new dog.

• Willing to send pictures and updates to ACZ from time to time

  • I understand that If I can no longer take care of the dog, I must notify ACZ first, ASAP. I understand that ACZ will do it's best to rehome the dog. I agree to give time to ACZ for this process, and will not sell the dog to a third party, or put the dog in an animal shelter.


If I can no longer take care of my dog, I agree to give the dog back ACZ in order for the dog to be rehomed. I understand that if I return my dog within the first 2 weeks of adoption, I am eligible to get 75% of my adoption fee back.

If I return the dog after 2 weeks, I understand that I forfeit the full adoption fee that I paid. Additionally, If I return the dog after 3 weeks, I understand that a surrender fee/surrender donation may apply.

Adoption Fee

I understand that Animal Care Zone is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to animal care in India and Canada. The adoption fee helps us cover the cost we incurred in the rescue, transportation and vet care of the dog. It allows us to continue on with our work and rescue more dogs. The adoption fee is as follows: puppies up to 1 year old $700, dogs 1 year and older $600, seniors $500, and bonded pair $500. (If a dog is adopted without being spayed/neutered, an additional $150 deposit is added to the adoption fee and is refundable upon completion of spay/neuter). *

In submitting this application, I understand and agree to the following:

I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Animal Care Zone to deny application, and/or reclaim the dog that is in my home. I will not hold Animal Care Zone responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the pet I adopt. 

Animal Care Zone will complete medical checks of the animal beforehand and assist with any behavioural problems beforehand, to the best of the team’s ability. However, I understand that Animal Care Zone cannot guarantee any dogs against parasites, diseases or destructive behaviour. I understand that there is a still a risk that I may be scratched, bitten, or may come into contact with a diseased animal. I agree to release and hold harmless the Animal Care Zone and its employees from any and all liability for any damage or injury, whether arising from this contract or a breach thereof or from any act of negligence or gross negligence by the Animal Care Zone, or its volunteers.