Foster Application

Fostering Questionaire
Are you employedselect one
Do you and/or people in your home have previous experience with dogs?select one
Does everyone in your home agree to fostering?select one
Have you ever fostered before?select one
Do you have a valid drivers licence to drive a car?select one
Do you own or have access to a car?select one
Where do you live?select one
If you rent, does your landlord support your participation in the foster program?select one
If you live in a house, do you have access to a fully-fenced yard?select one
Does your home have stairs?select one
Are there any children under 18 in your home?select one
Are you comfortable with home visits to ensure safety of pet?select one
Would you consider your home environment to be safe for the animal?select one
Do you or any members of your household have allergies to animals?select one
Have you or members of your home been convicted of a felony or for animal crueltyselect one
Do you plan on crating the dog while you are away for the day? How many hours will you crate the dog?select one
Your foster dog may need time to decompress after their arrival. Decompression period may involve challenges like low confidence levels, chewing, barking, leash reactivity, etc. Do you agree to helping your foster dog through one
You may be required to foster for a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 4-6 months (if needed) while we do our due diligence to find a suitable home for the dog. How long are you willing to foster a dog for?select one
Would you be willing to work on dogs with any behavioural challenge?select one
What energy levels would you prefer in your foster dog?select one
Animal Experience 
Do you currently have pets in your home?select one
If you have a dog/cat, are they spayed/neutered?select one
Are the vaccinations for your pets up-to-date?select one
Past pets, if any?select one
Do you have any physical or psychological ailments that might prevent you from performing your foster duties to the best of your ability?select one
Please provide 3 references below who we can contact. An immediate family member, a significant other or a live-in partner cannot be one of your reference.

In submitting this application, I understand and agree to the following:

Animal Care Zone will complete medical checks of the animal beforehand and assist with any behavioural problems to the best of the team’s ability. However, I understand that there is a still a risk that I may be scratched, bitten, or may come into contact with a diseased animal. I agree to release and hold harmless the Animal Care Zone and its employees from any and all liability for any damage or injury, whether arising from this contract or a breach thereof or from any act of negligence or gross negligence by the Animal Care Zone, or its volunteers.

If I fail to abide by the terms of this agreement or am otherwise unable to meet the program requirements, I may be terminated from the foster program.

I recognize that as a foster volunteer it is my responsibility to ensure that appropriate education and training has been supplied to me, and I am comfortable with my role, before I commence duties in any department.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure I, and any member of my household who will be in contact with Animal Care Zone foster animals, are medically healthy while I/we am performing foster work for Animal Care Zone