How can iPad help you with your education?

When we tell about studying at school, college or university it important to create comfortable condnitons for you, but not all can create it, so there people can buy educational works at or read about them there for free!

I ran across this little flash widget which gives a great perspective on trigonometry:
Just playing with it helped me understand trig at a deeper level, and it didn’t even require any words.

A handful of companies are working on bringing textbooks to the iPad. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were interactive like this?
Like most new technologies, I think the first textbooks on the iPad will resemble their predecessors (paper textbooks).

This happened with the first web pages (they were just paper documents published online) and even with the first cars (they resembled horse carriages).

But after the first generation, new technologies are able to fully embrace their new medium.
What do you think – how else could textbooks be improved if they were based on the iPad or a tablet device?

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