Google to team up with a Chinese manufacturer for the next Nexus?

Even though the current Nexus 6 is on the market for just a few months, the rumors about the next generation of the vanilla-Android smartphone with live wallpapers app store started spreading. And since it’s too early to talk about specs, price or launch date, we’re going to focus a bit on a very interesting issue: the manufacturer chosen to build it.

Who’s next in line?

Until now, Google teamed up with some of the biggest name in the industry to make the smartphone, like HTC, Samsung, LG or Motorola, for the latest Nexus 6, despite the rumors of the search engine giant ditching the line in favor of the now-forgotten Android Silver program. So, the question is who will make the next Nexus?

First of all, let’s make something clear. If the previous three models were called 4, 5 and 6, due to the display size, themodel won’t be 7, because that’s an already existing device, a tablet, to be more specific.

According to the guys from Phone Arena, there are some rumors about Google discussing with a Chinese manufacturer and start developing the next Nexus.

This might come as a shock for all the fans, but let’s not forget that a couple of Chinese brands – Huawei, Xiaomi and Meizu – have registered a huge growth over the few years, being very close to entering the smartphone elite.

Xiaomi Nexus…well, a number?

If you ask us, from these three names, we’d see Xiaomi coming to an agreement with Google. Why? Because of Hugo Barra, of course. Xiaomi’s VP of international is a former Google employee and definitely in very good relations with them. Also, let’s not forget that these guys did an amazing job with their latest phablet, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, so they definitely have all the required resources.

So what do you think about this, Nexus fans? Which manufacturer would you like to make the next generation of your favorite smartphone?

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