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  • Skin care in iherb site is one of the essentials that should not leave the daily routine of every woman, unlike the body facial skin more exposed to external factors such as the sun, wind and other factors that the skin to direct contact with them.

    Some women only clean the skin daily in the morning and evening, and although it is a healthy and useful step, it alone is not enough to give you the necessary freshness and openness. The nature of the skin, especially the renewal of cells and secretions, imposes the need to adopt an effective daily routine to balance the secretions of mind, lighten the skin, and remove dead cells.

    According to the experts, iherb there are 12 steps that should be included in the routine of daily care, as they are of great importance in protecting the skin and giving it freshness.

    Determination of skin type
    Before you adopt any skin care routine, it is important to know your skin type, to avoid the consequences that may result from using a cream or cleanser that is not compatible with your skin type.
    Know your skin type and buy proper creams and detergents.
    The skin type is classified into three types: oily skin, dry skin and normal skin and there is a fourth type mixed between fatty and dry.

    # 1 iherb  Clean the skin
    Skin care

    The skin care routine starts with a facial cleansing process, washing the face with warm water to open the pores, then use the appropriate facial cleanser for your skin type.

    Clean your face gently with circular movements for 50 seconds, knowing that some detergents prefer to leave for a minute or two to get better results, and then wash with cold water well.

    # 2 iherb Toner mode for skin
    Iherb Skin care
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    After cleaning the skin and after drying it with water using a clean, soft towel, place a Toner. This helps to complete the cleaning and remove impurities that remain on the skin. Most detergents contain ingredients such as oil.

    # 3 iherb Moisturizing the skin
    Skin care

    After the toner dries, take a small amount of moisturizing cream and apply to the skin gently and with circular movements. The importance of this step lies in perfect skin care, moisturizing and making it healthier and more refreshed.

    These first three steps mentioned should be applied in the morning and before bedtime as well.
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