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  • HPR Paw Lift.
    Flight Attendants, Ground Personnel, Pilots (flying non-rev.)

    We are Paw Obligated to Check You Out!

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  • Please provide a personal reference not related to you below.

  • Thank you for volunteering your time for this noble cause and for being a part of our team.

    I certify that all the information I have given on this form is true and complete. I agree to provide responsible care while the "paw Lifter" passenger is in my care.
    I agree to provide proper nutrition and clean bedding if an overnight for the Paw Lift paassenger becomes necesary. I agree that I will abide and follow HPR's Paw Lift guidelines at all time.
    I understand that "Hurricane Pets" is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, or physical condition of the Paw Lift passenger. Although we try our best to get as much information on the animal as we can before scheduling a "Paw Lift: transport, the majority of our passengers are rescue animals, therefore backgrounds on the animals are not known. .
    I am in full agreement with the terms and conditions of Paw Lifting an animal..
    And I agree and understand that Hurricane Pets Rescue will in no way be liable or responsible for any damages, accidents, injuries, or human medical expenses resulting from transporting and animal.
    I understand and agree to inform HPR and all involved parties if there is an emergency at once
    I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to check that all paperwork is in order for the animal to travel.
    I understand and agree that the animal must be contained in an airline approved carrier and that can only come out at airport check points to go through security.
    In the event that I cannot make the flight for any given reason, I agree to inform all parties at least 24 hors before schedule departure.

    I agree by electronically signing to the terms above.
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