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How to Get Email Notifications on Form Submissions?

To configure email notifications, click on Form Options in the form builder screen, and go to Email Notifications.

Adding Email Recipients

You can use the Send Submissions to field to add the emails of people who will get notifications on form submission. These people will be able to read the entire content of the form submission, and download the files attached with the form. To add multiple emails, you can separate them with a comma, like this:,


You can also add their names, in this format

John Smith<>,

Conditionally Adding Email Recipients

You can also add email recipients based on form values. So if you want the email notification to reach a certain department only when a particular checkbox is checked, or dropdown is selected, you can use this feature.

To add a conditional logic, click on Conditional Logic on the form builder screen, and a logic like this one:


Content of Email Notification

You can change the content of the notification using Email Content field. The [Form Content] tag will be replaced by the form data filled by the user. You can also use html in this field. You can preview the changes on the right.

Adding Form Data to the Email

You can add form data to the email content. You can read more here.