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Stripe Charging Methods

FormCrafts allows you to collects payments, using Stripe. You can either charge an amount upfront, or sign up people for subscription billing.

Order Form

This requires you to define the amount to be charged. The charge amount can either be a fixed value:

formcrafts stripe fixed amount

or a value based on other fields

formcrafts stripe variable amount

Note that in this case we had to define the amount and currency while setting up the Stripe field.

Subscription Form

To sign up people for subscription billing, you need to first add plans in your Stripe dashboard: click here to add plans.

We can define the plan ID before hand in the Stripe field:

Stripe plans

or pull the plan ID from a field

stripe plan variable

In this case we do not define the amount and the currency in FormCrafts, since you have already mentioned that when adding the plans in Stripe.

The Email field is optional.