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Stripe: Order Forms

Fixed Amount

In this case, we define a fixed numeric amount when configuring the Stripe field.formcrafts stripe fixed amount

 Our customer will be charged USD 120, irrespective of any form value.

Variable Amount

Suppose we have a form to sell t-shirts. The user selects a t-shirt color, and quantity. Our price now would depend on the color selected, and the quantity ordered.

Our Shirt Color field would look like this:


The field id is field3

Our first option is 

20==Red ($20 per piece)

Here, == is the separator. 20 is the value assigned to the option, and Red ($20 per piece) is the label shown.

Our Quantity field is like this:


The field id is field4

So, naturally, the Stripe Charge amount would be a product of the Shirt Color and the Quantity ordered: