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How to Integrate Google Analytics with FormCrafts

Our Google Analytics integration allows you to track all activity on your forms in your Google Analytics account.

Step 1: Create a New Analytics Profile

We don't want to mix up our data, so we will create a new Analytics profile in your account. Set the domain here to google-analytics-track-form

Step 2: Enable GA Integration, and Enter the Tracking ID

Go to Add-Ons -> General, and click on the enable button next to Google Analytics. ga-tracking Enter your tracking code here, and exit the options. That's it.

Bonus Feature: Event Tracking

We won't simply give you the form visit data. Our integration also records events for you. You can use this events data to get better insight on user behaviour, and track your conversion funnel. Events would include (a) a user successfully submitting a form, (b) user reaching Page 2 of your form, (c) user reaching Page 3 of your form ... Form Conversion Tracking So, by the above data, 23% of our visitors reached Page 2 of the form, 17% reached Page 3, and 15.5% submitted the form!