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How to Integrate Zendesk with FormCrafts

Step 1: Create a New Form

Create a new form, using our Customer Support Form template. You can start from a scratch too, but our template form looks pretty good.

zendesk support form

Step 2: Enable Zendesk

Go to Add-Ons -> Help Desk, and click on the enable button next to Zendesk. You should see a popup window, where you have to enter your Zendesk subdomain, admin / agent email, and API key. You can also find the steps to locate the API key.

zendesk api

Step 3: Map the Fields

Come back to the form builder window. You can use the dropdown menus to map the FormCrafts fields to their respective Zendesk ticket fields.


That's it. Now exit Add-Ons, save the form, click on Show Preview, and try it out!

Note #1: Field Permissions

If you are mapping your form fields to custom Zendesk fields, you need to ensure these fields are marked visible in Zendesk. You can mark fields visible by heading to your Zendesk dashboard -> Settings -> Manage -> Ticket Fields.

Edit the ticket field and mark it as Editable for end-users.

Note #2: Dropdown and Multi Select Fields

You can map any field in FormCrafts to any field in Zendesk. However if you are trying to map to a Zendesk field type dropdown or multi-select there is one consideration.

When you edit your dropdown or multi-select field in Zendesk you have to specify the field options, which are composed of two parts: value and tags. It works the same in FormCrafts - your dropdown and checkbox field options are made up of two parts: value and tags.

Now, the tags in FormCrafts need to match with the tags in Zendesk. If they don't your ticket won't be created in Zendesk.

In FormCrafts you would specify the option in this format:

my_field==My Field

The text to the left of == is the tag and to the right is the value (also called label)