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How to Create a Simple PayPal Order Form

We will create a simple PayPal order form which allows users to select a shirt to order, and quantity.

1. Create a New Form

Go to the dashboard, and create a new blank form. Remove the existing un-necessary fields, and add two dropdown fields. Label the first one Shirt and the second one Quantity.

For the Shirt field, our options are:

==Select One
15==White Shirt $15
18==Grey Shirt $18

The 15 and 18 are the values assigned to the options.

For the Quantity field, our options are:

==Select One

PayPal shirt order form

(to add some jazz to your form, you can use the showcase field)

2. Add PayPal Field

Click on Add Field -> Payments -> PayPal.


Click on the green pencil icon next to our PayPal field to edit it. Firstly, we enter our PayPal registered email id here. This is where the money goes.

Now go to the Items tab. Name the first item Shirt(s). The quantity here would be field id of our Quantity field, enclosed in square brackets. The item price would be the field id of the Shirt field, enclosed in square brackets.

For the second item, we enter a fixed shipping charge of 5

paypal order form items

3. Save and Preview

Our form is ready. Click on Show Preview:

paypal order form preview


On clicking Submit, the user will be redirected to the PayPal site to complete the payment. Till the time payment is completed, the submission is stored under the Unpaid Submissions tab in your dashboard.