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How to Add PayPal Items

Items With Fixed Values

The simplest way is to specify numeric values for quantity and item value.


Our item values here have been pre-determined, and so is the final total ($40)

Items With Variables

But it's never that simple.

So, we have a shirt order form. We give our users two options. To select the T-Shirt colour from the dropdown, and to select the quantity they wish to order:


Note, the fields IDs for our T-Shirt field and Quantity field here are ynik and ujvf.

To base our PayPal item field on this, we use this as our PayPal item:


Now, suppose we also want to charge 5% of the order value as shipping and other charges. We add another item, set the quantity to 1 and the Item Price to 5% of the product of our T-Shirt and Quantity value, which is:

[ (ujvf*ynik) * .05 ]

Our final PayPal items look like this:item-final

If someone wants to order 2 Red Shirts, for $10 each, he would see this on the front-end