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How Can I View Form Submission Entries?

Quick View

You can see all the recent unread submissions from the dashboard index itself, in the column Unread Submissions.


Detailed View

You can see all the form entries, of all the forms, using the Submissions tab on the top of the dashboard.

The left-most part of this submissions screen shows the list of forms. To the right is the list of submissions for that corresponding form, and then the submission itself.

The submissions manager offers several features:


You can use the search bar, right above the list of submissions to search through all the submissions.

Delete, Unread, Read, and Export

You can select multiple submissions using the checkbox against each of them, and then use any one of the following operations - delete, unread, read, and export.
This allows you to delete all the checked submissions, or mark them as unread / read, or export them.


On the top-right part of the screen you will be able to see the list of tags added for the current form submission. You can also add new tags, or remove existing ones.

Edit Submission

You can edit any form submission by clicking on the edit button, right above the form submission content. To save the changes, click on save.

Toggle Layout

By default, the form submission shows all form values vertically. However, if you are using multi-column layout in your forms, some fields might be placed next to each other, while other are below them. You can view your form submission in the same layout as your form by clicking on the toggle layout button.



Print Submission

You can also print individual form submissions using the print button.