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Can I Accept Multiple-File Uploads? How Can I Download the Files?

Adding the File Upload Field

You can accept file uploads using your forms by adding a FileUpload field. To add this field, click on + Add Field -> FileUpload. In the field options for this field, click on the Upload tab. Here, you can restrict the types of files, sizes, and number of files you want your users to upload. Upload Multiple Files HTML Forms You users can upload more than one file using the same FileUpload field. Please note that your account has a maximum space allowance for storing these files.

How to Download / Manage Files

When you view form submissions, you will also see the files uploaded with that submission. You can download the file(s) by clicking on the link Uploads-Sub If you have set up to receive email notifications for form submissions, you will get the uploaded files as attachments.   You can view all files by clicking on the Uploads tab on the dashboard. Here, you can view all the files, sorted by their forms. You can download and delete the files from here. Uploads-Tab