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What is FormCrafts?

FormCrafts is a drag-and-drop form builder you can use to make gorgeous forms and embed them in any site.
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How to Run Your Own Customer Support Portal

If you are looking for a simply solution for handling customer support, and do not want to pay the hefty per-agent fees, you can make your own customer support portal with FormCrafts.

1. Get the Customer Support Template

Log in to and click on Add Form on the top menu bar. Click on Use a Template, and select the Customer Support template.

Add Support Portal Form


2. Adding Tags to Our Submissions

We are going to use Conditional Logic to automatically tags to our support tickets. If someone selects the department sales in the form, our submission will have the tag sales. We would also be adding the pending tag to all submissions. The Conditional Logic is already configured for this.


How does this help?

Adding tags makes it easy to search for submissions. To get a list of all submissions with the tag pending, we would search for tag: pending.


3. Sending Email Confirmations to Customers

We need to send an autoresponder, or confirmation email once a support ticket is created. Click on the green pencil next to the email field to see the field options. Click on the Email -> configure. Here, we can configure the autoresponder email contents. This has already been configured by the template.



The [ID] tag denotes the unique submission ID. You can use this to track down specific entries. So, our users will receive the following emails when they submit the forms:



4. Using the Form

That's it! Our form is almost ready. Click on Form Options -> Email Notifications, and add your email to Send Submissions To. This will ensure that you receive notifications for all submissions.

You can embed the form in any site by copying the embed code. You can get this code by clicking on Use -> Embed Form.

If you don't want the hassle of embedding the form, you can simple share the link. You can get the link from Use -> Direct Links.


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