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What is FormCrafts?

FormCrafts is a drag-and-drop form builder you can use to make gorgeous forms and embed them in any site.
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How To Make a Popup Site Feedback Form

Our feedback form will popup on clicking the feedback button peeping in from the left-corner of the screen. Our final site feedback form will look something like this:


1. Get the Site Feedback Form Template

Log in to, and go to the dashboard. Now, click on Add Form -> Use a Template. Select the template Site Feedback and add the form.


2. Getting Notifications

We need to set email notifications for each submission. Go to Form Options -> Email Notifications, and add your email address to Send Submissions To.

Email Notifications


3. Using the Form

We now need to embed the popup form in our website. Click on Use -> Embed Form. Next to Type, we need to select modal popup, and next to Placement, we need to select left. Type feedback in the Link / Button Text field.

Now copy the snippet of code, and paste it in your site.

That's it!


by Christopher Noble3 Jun, 2014 at 5:11 AMWhere is the "Site Feedback" template to download that you mention here? We only see 6 x templates to download, and "Site Feedback" isn't one of them . . .
by Nishant4 Jun, 2014 at 5:47 PMChris, I received your email. I think you confused with FormCraft for WP, which is a standalone WP form builder.

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