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  • Training Request Process - New!

    1. Agency Administrator/Program Manager submits HMIS Training Request Form for each End User.

    2. Once Program Fees, Agency agreements and licenses are verified, one of the HMIS Support Team members will contact Agency Admin/Program Manager & End User with training dates request form.

    3. HMIS Staff will contact Program Manager or Agency Administrator within seven business days to discuss users and training type.

    4. HMIS Staff will send Step 2 with available dates.

    5. Acceptance to Calendar invite confirms User will be attending training. Users must accept Calendar Invite in order to be admitted into training.

    6. License fee must be paid prior to the start of HMIS Training and Log In.

    * Please acknowledge that you may have to purchase an HMIS License (IF REQUIRED) $375.00 per user/per year for this End User (Due ON or Prior to Training day).

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