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  • Warranty Claims
    Please complete the following warranty claims form so we can assist you. Please note that you are required to have your proof of purchase as well as photos to assist us in resolving your claim.

    PLEASE NOTE: This form is for registering warranty claims for Rhino-Rack product failures after installation or during use. If you require assistance with installing / using your product please refer to your fitting instructions or contact your dealer.

  • Your Details
    Please complete your details in full so that we can contact you.

  • Dealer/Retailer Details
    Please complete the details of the store that you purchased your Rhino-Rack product from.

  • Product Details
    Please complete these fields relating to the product you are claiming warranty for.

  • Vehicle Details
    Please complete these fields relating to your vehicle.

  • Incident Details
    Please complete the following fields so that we know what happened.

  • What type(s) of roads was the vehicle travelling on?
  • Please attach your proof of purchaseYou must attach a proof of purchase (maximum 2MB per file)
    • Please attach any images of the product that will help your caseYou can attach multiple images (maximum 2MB per file)

      • Terms and Conditions

      • I accept the warranty terms and conditions detailed on the Rhino-Rack website. ( one
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